How to Post an Ad.


How do I post an Ad?

Step 1) Click on Post Ad

Step 2) Select Category

Step 3) Select Sub-Category

Step 4) Select Plan

Step 5) Add details and description

Step 6) Upload Photos and Videos

Step 7) Ad additional features to your ad

Step 8) Review your ad or Publish Ad.


How do I view my account information?

Sign into your account and click on My Account.

Here you can find account information, review listings, order history, subscriptions, messages, email alerts and searches you’ve saved.  


What does my account information show?

When you sign into your account and click on My Account you will see all the activity.  You will see total listings, active listings, pending listings, expired listings and unfinished listings.


You will also see in the general box, the type of account you have, the number of hits you ad has received and you last login info.

Subscription box- this box shows the starting and ending dates of your subscription. It also shows the date your ad was renewed.

Dealer page box- this box shows the link to the page which displays every ad you’ve ever posted. 


How do I delete my ad?

Log into your account and click on My Listings. A list will appear with all the ads you’ve posted. Click the delete icon on the ad you choose to delete.


How do I edit my ad information?

Sign into your account and click on My Listings. Locate the ad you want to edit and hit the edit icon on the right side.


What does each icon represent?

  Edit ad  Edit Ad

Edit Photos Edit Photos

 Edit Option Edit Additional Options

 Delete  Delete

 Mark as Sold Mark as Sold

 Mark as Rented Mark as Rented

Renew /> <strong>Renew Ad</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>How do I edit my account information? </strong></p><p>Sign into your account and click on <span style=  Renew Ad



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